What are Poverty, growth, and sustainable social development?

With constantly growing development activities by developed and developing countries, somewhere our environment is getting hurt. There is an uneven distribution of resources that will help people to get developed. The developed countries are in the greed of becoming more developed and the developing countries are behind raising their standard towards developed countries. In between, the use of natural resources is somewhere impacting the environment very badly. Along with the environment, another problem that is raised behind the world is increasing poverty which needs immediate attention. The Social Ripples that is an initiative towards Sustainable Social Development found that there are billions of families in the world that are living their lives below the poverty line and are subject to problems such as hunger and malnutrition. It is a pinching scene for the world. Hence, there is an immediate need for the countries in the world to take measures against this growing poverty to grow the economy of the world.

Understanding poverty

Poverty basically is the financial crisis faced by a family who is not able to meet their livelihoods. Nearly about 40% of the world’s population is seen to have difficulty in meeting their daily needs. They are not at all having social and financial security. There are many cases of inequalities evident due to poverty. People who are below the poverty line are seen not to have enough access to fundamental things such as, food, water, shelter, healthcare, and sanitation. They also refrain from transportation, housing and education facilities, etc. Hence, there is an immediate need to elevate the economic well being of the people or economic growth of the people.

What is growth?

Growth can also be called as poverty alleviation. It can be defined as a process that undergoes gradually to increase the economic and social well being of the people. Social sustainable development is a part of the economic growth of the world. The process of growth implies the activities ensuring that families have at least that amount of disposable income so that they can buy the goods needed for their basic needs. The process should also help people to provide their families with good nutrition, health, and education. For this, the world economy should rapidly increase. At the social ripples, they promote various ideas to generate employment opportunities by using the natural resources present in the surrounding.

Sustainable social development

Sustainable social development is nothing but a process of eradicating poverty and improving growth and development opportunities without forgetting to keep harmony with the environment. Social sustainable development is nothing but the process of creating successful and sustainable places that promotes well being of people, by understanding the needs of people from their home and work life. Creating a sustainable environment refers to creating pathways for increasing the quality of life by creating equal employment opportunities and decent work.

The social ripples, is an aligned mission with United Nation SDG: Sustainable Social Development promotes that bringing sustainable social development can help in improving the economic lives of people by

· Unlocking new markets

· Helping retain and attract new business partners

· Raising employee engagement

· Improving risk management

The increased areas where social sustainable development can be seen are a human right, labor, gender equality, children development, indigenous people, and education. Hence, social sustainable development is a better area of investment.



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Social Ripples mission is aligned with the United Nations 17 SDGs, focusing on Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, rural development, Women & Child Development