How to create an inclusive society?- The Social Ripples

2 min readSep 25, 2020

We all are talking about an inclusive society and dreaming of creating a completely inclusive society. But, the question exists is what is aninclusive society? How to create an inclusive society that will be loved by all?

An inclusive society is a society where people love to live with each other regardless of their caste, religion, race, gender, class, geographic area, and other disabilities. The idea of a socially inclusive society promotes equal opportunities for every individual to live their life with dignity and confidence.

Creating a socially inclusive society is all about creating an environment for every individual to develop his life both socially and economically. The process of creating an inclusive society starts from our home, rather it starts from you and me.

We can consider the following five ways to create an inclusive society.

Creating inclusive classrooms-

The right to education is the fundamental right of every person. Education should be available for everyone regardless of age, gender, class, and disabilities. Children with disabilities or girls have the right to get a quality education. It will be a good start towards creating an inclusive society by giving them the equal opportunity of quality education to each and everyone in the society.

Planning design of communities to be accessible by everyone-

With the increase in population and changing lifestyles, there are new societies and communities designed every day. We can design a community that is easily accessible by everyone including disabled people and design the building with a sharable environment. People should feel it easy to communicate with each other if they stay in a sharable environment.

Giving the workplace an inclusive environment-

Most of the offices unknowingly discriminate with the disabled people by not hiring them to their offices. They feel that offering them opportunities will be costly for them to create an accessible environment for disabled people. But the truth is that giving opportunities to them will help the companies to add to their reputation and create an inclusive environment.

Representing and giving opportunities to everyone equally in the government offices-

It is seen most of the time that women and disabled people are under-represented in government work. They are not given leadership and equal opportunities, even though they have the best qualities. Giving them equal importance to them will help to create aninclusive society.

Engaging every individual of the community actively

Opportunities should be equally given to every individual in society including the little ones. Listening to everyone equally and respecting each person’s participation will help to have an inclusive society.




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